When they complete their Annual Information Statements, charities choose a “main activity” from a predefined list.  These activities fall into eleven groups, which we have called “Sectors”.  The sectors are summarised at right (the size of each circle represents the total income of that sector).

You can choose any number of these sectors to explore in the data.  Click here or press the “Explore Sector Detail” button below to get started, and choose your sector/s in using the filter on the first page.

This version of the data interaction is designed to work well with only one or a few sectors selected.  If you want to explore all sectors, you might be better off starting here.

You can also download summary reports for each Sector on the Downloads page.

Can’t find the Sector you are looking for?  See if the information on our “How to Play – Q&A” page helps.

Explore Sector Detail