Australian Charities Report 2015 (Launched Dec 2016)

The reports and summaries in this section are based on data up until the end of the 2015 reporting year; these reports were published in December 2016.


Full report:

You can also explore the latest charity sector data through interactive datacubes here.

Watch this space for additional special reports based on the 2015 dataset in coming months.

Special reports (2014 dataset)

The reports below focus on specific issues, sectors or activities and are based on the 2014 dataset; they are the most recent available on these topics.

To download the complete Australian Charities Report 2014, or view summaries and datacubes from that data, click here.

Australia’s Disability Charities 2014

Australian Charities and Red Tape 2014

Australian Charities Involved Overseas 2014