The 2016 “datacubes” on this site includes 49,521 charity records.  This represents all Australian charities:

  • that were registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) at the end of the 2016 financial year;
  • including 958 charitieswho have reported as 170 “groups” – each “group” appears in the data as one charity record.

But EXCLUDING charities who were not required to provide an AIS. This includes charities who were newly registered with the ACNC in the period and charities who report to ORIC rather than the ACNC.

Below we provide a summary of the methodology. If you would like to know more, please refer to the main report.

A Composite Dataset

The 2016 dataset uses the best/most recently available data for each charity from the following sources:

  • Annual Information Statement 2016 (the majority)
  • Annual Information Statement 2016 group reports
  • Annual Information Statement 2015
  • Annual Information Statement 2014
  • Annual Information Statement 2013
  • ACNC Register

Further information about each of these data sources is described below.

The majority of data (90%) is based on an AIS provided by the charity for the 2016 reporting period, although in some cases where there were gaps in the data, a previous AIS or Register data was used.

The consolidated dataset includes approximately 20% of records that have no reported financial data because:

  • they were not required to report financial data (e.g. Basic Religious Charities or other exemption), or
  • they had large errors in financial data and so data was excluded.

For these charities data was estimated. You can read more about how we estimated data in the appendix of the main report.

About the data sources

Annual Information Statement (AIS) data

Most information in this report comes from charities reporting to the ACNC as part of their AIS.  The AIS captures information including charity size, activities, beneficiaries, employee and volunteer numbers, and locations of operations. Since 2014, AIS information has included financial information.

The ACNC Register

The ACNC Register contains information provided by charities for the purposes of registering with the ACNC. This includes their legal name, ABN, date of establishment and their charitable purpose. The Register is available publicly on the ACNC website. The ACNC Register is a ‘living’ dataset. It is regularly updated by the ACNC as new charities are registered or as charities report a change of details, or have their registration voluntarily or involuntarily revoked.

Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) data

A number of charities report to ORIC rather than the ACNC. As they are regulated primarily by ORIC, they are not required by the ACNC to submit an AIS. ORIC data is not currently included in the online datacubes, but if you are specifically interested in these charities, you can find out more in the main report and in the datacubes from 2018.

The Australian Business Register (ABR) dataset

The ABR contains details provided by Australian businesses and organisations when they register for an Australian Business Number (ABN). It includes information about charities’ eligibility for tax concessions. In this report, ABR information is used to profile charities’ Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.