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What do you mean by “the end of the 2016 reporting year”?

The data includes charities registered with the ACNC at the end of the 2016 reporting year – this means the end of the 2016 reporting year for each charity.  The actual year end date varies for each charity. For the majority it is 30 June 2016, but may also be 31 December 2016, or some other date in the 2016 year.

What are ‘groups’?

The ACNC Act allows some charities to request group reporting. If approved, one AIS report is provided for two or more charities. In the 2016 AIS data, 170 groups reported for a total of 958 individual charities. Group-reporting charities are treated as one entity for analysis purposes. The ACNC must approve Group reporting – see the ACNC’s Group Reporting page for more.

Why are there Charities with no financial report?

Around 20% of charities in the dataset were not required to submit financial data as part of their AIS for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Basic Religious Charities (~8,500) are exempt from financial reporting – see the ACNC Basic Religious Charity page.
  • 1,897 charities reported that they had no activity in the relevant year and these are not required to report financial data.

In general, where charities have not completed the financial report component of the Annual Information Statement their financial data is estimated (see Methodology) and their reported data for other fields is used (e.g. main activity, staff and volunteers).

Why are there only 49,521 charities in the datacubes?

The number of charities in the dataset might be different to the number of registered charities today (approx. 55,000) is because the dataset relates to charities who were registered at the end of the 2016 year and were not considered ‘newly registered’. Newly registered charities are not required to report to the ACNC in their first six months. Furthermore, the number of charities changes all the time, with new registrations added and other charities de-registered as a result of voluntary or non-voluntary revocation.

The number of charities in the datacubes are also slightly different to those in the main report, because the datacubes exclude charities that have permission from the ACNC to withhold some or all of their data from the Register.

The dataset represents the most comprehensive view available of the Australian charity sector at the end of the 2016 reporting year.

The current datacube relates to the 2016 financial year.  Is previous data still available?

The datacube was first published in 2015, using data from the 2014 AIS. The datacube has been published annually since this time. You can view previous datacubes here.