About the report

The Australian Charities Report describes the characteristics, activities and purpose of Australia’s charities in 2015. It provides a resource to help charities, donors, governments, researchers and the community better understand Australia’s charities, and their financial status and sustainability.

The report analyses data from the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Annual Information Statements (AIS) which charities are required to provide.

In addition to the Australian Charities Report each year, a series of special reports (over several years) is produced, for example, Australia’s Disability Charities, Australia’s International Charities, Red Tape and more.  Visit the downloads page for a current list of reports and resources.

The data in the Australian Charities Report explored online using interactive datacubes.

A unique dataset

The information in the report comes from a specially constructed data set. Information is drawn primarily from the 2015 AIS  matched to each charity’s registration information.  Where 2015 AIS data was not available, the best/most recent data from the 2014 or 2013 years or the ACNC Registry was used.  Additional data is also included for from the Australian Business Register (ABR), matched to registration and AIS data using Australian Business Numbers (ABNs).

You can read more about the data (and what’s included or excluded) in the About the Data Q&A page.  There’s more technical detail on the Project Methodology page.