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Australian Charities Report 2014

Download the first comprehensive report to include the financial information of Australian charities. This report is based on 2014 reporting data provided to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission by over 37,000 charities.

Australian Charities Report 2014 (Summaries):

Australian Charities Report 2014 (130 pages):

2014 Data- Interactive Datacubes

The 2014 datacube was published in November 2015, at the same time as the Australian Charities 2014 Report was published.  You can view the original 2014 datacubes here:

The 2014 datacubes were later updated with additional data (new Annual Information Statements received).  The most recent versions of the 2014 datacubes are below, with data from over 46,000 charities included:

Special Reports 2014:

Australia’s Disability Charities 2014

Special report: Australian Charities and Red Tape 2014

Special report: Australian Charities Involved Overseas 2014